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Social Security disability attorneys must be actively marketing their services. Now with the drastic change in our personal and business life, the challenges are even greater. That is today’s reality. The best source for guidance and expertise comes from other experienced Social Security disability attorneys; the best tool is a marketing firm with the technical expertise to help you grow your business. At PR Legal Marketing, our history and experience is deep. As a practicing Social Security disability attorney for more than 30+ years, I have faced the challenges of national and regional competition.

Your focus has to be on your strengths—your location, your reputation, your service. That is where effective marketing plays a role in your law practice and forms the basis for our work: Newsletter Marketing Solutions, Branding and Public Relations and aggressive Online Marketing.  Find out how your firm can benefit from our experience and expertise and you can focus on practicing law.

As a special courtesy to NOSSCR members in these challenging times, we are extending our special pricing for our newsletters and discounted on-line services until the end of 2020 (see below). Find out if your area is still available. 

Please call us at 855-233-9893 or email info@prlegalmarketing.com to see how we can help grow your law practice.

Jeff Rabin – President

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