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Marketing for your Social Security Disability, Personal Injury and Workers' Comp Law Firm

Jeffrey A. Rabin – President

I have been practicing law since 1980 and have had my own Social Security Disability practice in the Chicago area since 1988.   Over the last 30+ years I have seen the nature of our practice change dramatically.   While it used to be easy to make friends and get referrals, the advent of television advertising, the Internet, regional and national law practices and the vulture lead generation firms, have forced us to focus time and resources in marketing to compete for clients.

I bring a great deal of “real world” experience to law firm marketing.  Over the years, I have tried it all. Combining this history with my journalism training, I developed my concepts and approaches to helping you grow your practice in this changing marketplace.

Rachel A. Carlson – Vice President, Client Relations

I have been with the firm for nearly 10 years. My previous experience included marketing for financial firms on both sides of the country: Boston, MA and Portland, OR. I designed implemented and supported a multi-faceted marketing approach for the companies I worked with. My favorite part of my past career and most certainly my current position is client relations! I love working with people and helping them achieve their goals. I never hesitate to go the extra mile for our clients.

Olin Erickson – SEO Executive

I create online marketing solutions for law firms of all size.  I work with search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media, retargeting and reputation management. My goal is to evaluate a potential client’s website and collaboratively decide the best SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy, based on budget and objectives.

Sarah Patterson – Consultant

Since 1994, I’ve been selling my proven marketing services to other Social Security disability lawyers. I have practiced Social Security disability law for 25 years, with offices in three states and cases in at hearing offices in more than fifteen states. I gathered the kind of experience you can only get talking to clients, doing hearings, writing federal court briefs, managing an office and attempting civil dialogue with the bureaucracy. My marketing strategies reflect my practical experience with this area of law and practice management, in a way that the ordinary reader can understand. I believe we all have the profound power to change the lives of individual clients we represent, and I see my marketing business as a way to reach more people who need our help.

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