Marketing Strategy

Marketing for your Social Security Disability, Personal Injury and Workers' Comp Law Firm

Beat The Competition 

Competition for your business grows daily. In the Social Security Disability, personal injury and workers’ compensation fields there are growing numbers of lawyers seeking your potential clients. Large national law firms are advertising in your market to the clients who should be calling your firm. Every day you are solicited by Internet lead generation firms who plunder the Internet market in your community, just to resell you leads at their profit!

NO MORE. It is time for local law firms to stand their ground and reclaim their markets. PR Legal Marketing, Inc. is ready to help you brand YOUR name and compete in your market with the same tools as the national firms and the lead generators.

Experience on your side

With more than 50 years of combined law experience, the principals of PR Legal marketing understand the challenges. We have developed marketing strategies to help you brand your law firm in your market in cost effective and proven manners.

Our plan involves increasing your client base through “on the ground” development of new leads from former clients, key referral sources and simple public relations techniques. We combine that program with an intense Internet campaign moving your firm name into the top tier of search results in your community. That generates calls, emails, new clients and increased profits.

PR Legal Marketing was created by attorneys who have run their own law practices. We have been helping law firms grow for more than 20 years and are now expanding our marketing program to focus on branding YOUR name in your community. No longer do we need to feed Internet lead generation companies‘ profits – now we can do the same work they do with reasonable expense, measure the results, and see a steady growth of your practice.

Marketing with a Purpose   

We offer custom solutions to law firms of all sizes and budget. Before taking on a new client we analyze current practice, your market and your goals and then make recommendations based on which product(s) fit your needs. By doing this PR Legal Marketing becomes more than a vendor of a specific product or two and instead becomes a trusted advisor and consultant.

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