You MUST get your websites working!

As I mentioned in an email I had been negotiating with a lead generation company that has offered to sell Social Security disability leads with defined requirements at a reasonable cost. I have not been able to get them to commit and just discovered theĀ “back story.”

Apparently there was such a volume of leads that one of the national disability firms actually just merged the lead generation company into their practice! This lead business has been getting thousands and thousands of leads a month which apparently were being converted into solid cases by the national law practice. It should also be noted that the lead generation company was NOT the biggest competitor we have out there.

The competition for our clients on the Internet is just getting more fierce. You are LOSING business if your website is not actively marketing to potential clients in your community. The nature of getting new business for consumer based law practices is changing. Lead generation companies are going after Social Security, bankruptcy, personal injury, mass tort, criminal cases and more.

As we have discussed, we can either share our profits with these companies or compete.

At PRLM, we feel that a blended marketing approach will take advantage of the unassailable advantage you have of being local and being experienced. You must be taking advantage of modern SEO techniques to make your website noticed to searchers in your community. You must be constantly developing your local contacts and enhancing your local reputation. You must be diligently communicating with your former clients to mine that built-in referral network for more cases. Then, if you want a small bump in your practice and have the staff, you can supplement your work with buying leads, despite the manpower and cost per case.

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