Going Paperless?

We have moved in this direction in our practice for some time. We have four smaller desktop scanners and one stand alone scanner/copier being used throughout the suite and have tried to cut back on the use of paper. We have succeeded to a great extent (although you couldn’t tell by looking at my desk) and keep refining our processes. I have found that listening to my staffs’ suggestions to be the best way to improve our system and smooth out workflow.

I was thinking of this after reading this interesting blog for those moving in this direction. Many of the issues raised are eliminated if you use a good database system — in our office we use Time Matters and, while not perfect, it makes file and document quite simple.

Let’s share best practices and ideas;  if you have any questions on this blog post them and we can all learn!  ! Here’s the article:


Here’s to a day of new clients and Favorable Decisions!


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