Newsletter and Retargeting work

So like many others we found December to be a slower month for new business and hearings. However, thanks in large part to the Newsletter and our SEO work, January has been a great start for 2014.

Two of the community talks I did this month were directly due to the Newsletter – a local county health department had fired all of their case managers about three years ago due to Medicaid funding problems. They had all been great referral sources. Apparently, with the Affordable Care Act making Medicaid more available, they had refilled all of the positions — but I didn’t know it. One of the psychologists in the Health Department who was training these new staff saw our newsletter and called saying “We have these new case managers and could really use a training.” Bingo! 8 new friends and referral sources all carrying our cards, brochures, power point presentation, pens and bags.

I also received a call this month from a Township General Assistance Case Manager who had seen a newsletter. She has monthly meetings with other GA Case Managers in her region and asked if I would be willing to give a training to them. Would I? Yesterday I met with 17 township officials and employees working with the disabled and poor populations in their communities. A whole bunch of professionals carrying our cards, brochures, power point presentations, pens and bags!

And, as icing on the cake, they had invited a social worker from the local Salvation Army office and she will call me next month about meeting with their staff.

Retargeting is an SEO technique which causes a cookie to stay in the browser of people who come to your website. They will then find your display ads following them for about two weeks as they travel on the Internet. It is an inexpensive way to keep your name in front of prospects, and to give the impression that you are a major force on the Internet. Three different people commented this month on how often they were seeing my ads on their screens. I just smiled.

Hope January was a good month for each of you!

Jeff Rabin

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